Official Website of Sarah E. Rippel, BS, CPT, FMS


Just a quick post to give those who haven’t subscribed (to my blog updates) a few reasons WHY it’s good to do so!

  1. I blog often.
  2. You WILL learn something.  I don’t write just to write.  I write because I feel it’s important enough to share with the world!  You’ll learn about specific exercises, training methods, the fitness industry, nutrition…and every now and then you’ll witness me gettin’ on my soapbox.  IT’S ALL GOOD!
  3. I will be sending out workout “freebies” to my subscribers!

Thanks for stopping by!   Now you know what to do! 🙂

Also, a little disclaimer.  I WILL NOT SPAM YOU!  You will be notified of new postings and freebies and that’s it!  I’m not in this industry to amass a gigantic “list” like so many others.  If you like what I have to offer, I want you to “hang out” with me here in cyberspace!


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