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-Do You Really Enjoy Your Training?-

I came across this thread on the JP Fitness Forums yesterday, and chimed in.  Here is my response!

I can honestly say that I LOVE my workouts these days…I look forward to them again!!!! I have been training since I was 17…so, almost 15 years now…yikes…anyhow, I was indoctrinated into the bodybuilding world and used to do fitness competitions. For a long time, I followed the typical bodybuilding-style routine, splitting up bodyparts and such. Well, a while back I realized that was rubbish for myself and my clients, and adopted a more “movement-based” style of training. Viola! Enthusiastic again! Ever since, i’ve pretty much been gung-ho about my workouts BUT never really followed a specific program. I would put my workouts together and never did the same workout twice. I realize that there has to be some sort of “program”, and although one may address the specifics in each workout, how the heck can you gauge your progress if you don’t have a pattern to things?

I got hooked on kettlebells 2 1/2 years ago and never really sought out much instruction. I fiddle-farted with swings, snatches, etc but never got down to the nitty-gritty to LEARN the fundamentals. I was doing things wrong in several ways. So, a few months ago I purchased the ETK workbook from Art of Strength (if you’re interested, let me know, or check out my blog…I have a link to them) and was immediately swept up in it because it gave me a direction. As a trainer, it’s crazy b/c you’d think i’d be able to assemble workouts for myself no problem. Well, I tend to over-think things at times and it’s almost like I do so much thinking for my clients that when it comes to my workouts, I don’t wanna have to think! Enter the AOS programs. Since I got that workbook, i’ve also purchased the Strength in Motion workbook and a few DVDs. I have gained a tremendous volume of knowledge and experience just through delving into all this headfirst. I have made trememdous progress in my workouts, and can’t wait til my next! I was excited this evening because I attempted snatches with my 12kilo for the first time and they were EASY! I have gotten stronger! I also threw running out the window a few months ago b/c it was making me supremely exhausted. I feel TONS better and am able to maintain and even surpass my level of conditioning just with kettlebell/bodyweight workouts.


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