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-Workouts: 11/20-11/27!-

Here’s the rundown of my end of November workouts!  As you can see, i’ve been doing mostly kettlebell and bodyweight training, and have been following structured workouts.  I prefer to “tweak” them to my liking, however, so i’ll add in other exercises to suit my needs.  As a trainer, I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to workouts, although I will say that kettlebell training covers many bases.  I enjoy the AOS workouts and I find them to be super-fun, challenging, and they work for me.  There are days when  I will follow them to the “t” just because I don’t want to have to think about anything, but then there are days when I would rather modify them a bit.

Thursday 11/20/2008 – AOS “1200” Workout

I did once through each round and towards the end of the workout realized i’d had a major “blonde moment” and had gone through the rounds out of order.  Instead of doing “round one, round two, etc”, I read DOWN the sheet (instead of ACROSS) and ended up doing “round one, round three, round five, round two, round four, round six.” LOL!  Anyhow, made for an interesting butt-kicking workout with MY spin on things!  I rested 20 seconds max after completing a set of an exercise, and 40 seconds after completing a round.  MY VERSION looked a little somethin’ like this:

1 – TGU’s x 5 per side with 8kilo, rest 20, 50 2-arm swings with 12kilo, rest 20, 10 snatches per arm with 8kilo, rest 20

2 – suitcase deadlift x 5 on left (held both 12kilo and 8kilo in one hand), followed immediately by 5 high pulls on left with 12kilo, repeat on right side, then do 14 snatches per arm with 8 kilo, rest 20

3 – renegade row with 10 lb db’s x 10 ea, rest 20, staggered squat with 12k in one hand and 8k in other x 10 ea, rest 20, 18 snatches per arm, rest 40

4 – alternating knee tuck pushups x 10, rest 20, squat with 12k x 10, rest 20, 12 snatches per arm, rest 40

5 – lunges with twist to single leg balance 8k x 10 ea, rest 20, figure 8 to a hold with 8k x 20, rest 20, super plank into drop hip plank x 20, rest 20, 16 snatches per arm, rest 40

6 – sumo deadlift with kb behind neck x 10 reps, rest 20, figure 8 to a hold tactical lunge with 8k x 20 reps, rest 20, hot potato russian twist with 4k x 50, rest 20, 20 snatches per arm, DONE!

This workout took 33 min and kicked my butt!

MONDAY 11/24/2008 – Modified AOS Providence – 30 min workout

Warm-Up: TGU Singles for 5 min

1 – Swings with 12kilo: alternating arm x 10 total/2-arm x 10 total x 4 rounds (2 min), rest 1 min

2 – Cleans x 5 per side with 12kilo for 2 min, rest 1 min

3 – Floor Press with 12kilo x 3 reps per side for 2 min, rest 1 min

4 – Squat x 5 with 8k in left hand/x5 in right hand/sumo deadlift x 5/behind neck x 5 for 2 min, rest 1 min

5 – Single-Leg Deadlift x 5 reps with 8k per side for 2 min, rest 1 min

6 – Windmill/Overhead Squat alternating sides with 8kilo for 2 min, rest 1 min

7 – Clean & Press ladders 1-3 with 12kilo for 2 min (got thru 1-3 then 1-2), rest 1 min

8 – Dolphin Plank/Hip Swivel for 1 min, rest 30 sec

9 – Pullover Crunch with 8kilo x 10 reps

TUESDAY 11/25/2008 Workout – Modified AOS Elevation

Warm-Up: SMR 6 min, then 5 min circuit of Wall Squats, Dowel Halos, Pumps

1 – 10 sumo deadlifts with 12kilo followed by 10 swings, rest 30; did 5x and rested 30 sec before moving on to next round

2 – 5 getup situps with 8kilo per side followed by 20 russian twists; did 3x then did 2 more rounds using a 4kilo for the getup situps, then rested 30 sec before moving on

3 – clean & press ladders 1-3 with 12kilo, rest 30, then hi pull to a snatch with 8kilo x 5 reps per side, rest 30; did 3 rounds

Very good workout!  Took 42 minutes and my butt was sooooooo sore…lats too!  The kettlebell clean and press is a major lat exercise if you’re doing it the right way!

THURSDAY 11/27/2008 “Pre-Turkey” Workout – ETK Workbook – Modified Week 3 RKC Program Minimum

Warm-Up: 10 min circuit of sumo squat to overhead arms to stand, halos, pumps, and cossack squats


1 – 40 swings with 12kilo – did 10 2-arm swings/10 alt-arm swings for 40 reps total, then move immediately to

2 – high plank with single leg hip swivel x 10 ea side, then move immediately to

3 – 40 swings (same way), then move immediately to

4 – slo-mo mountain climbers x 10 ea, then move immediately to

5 – 40 swings, then move immediately to

6 – 10 squat thrust pushups, then move immediately to

7 – 40 swings, then move immediately to

8 – slo-mo bicycle crunch x 10 ea

I got through rounds 1-8 and then completed rounds 1-2 for a total of 12 minutes.  Then I did 10 snatches per arm with my 8kilo, rested 30 sec, and repeated 2 more times.

Gettin’ ready to work out now!  Am going to do “my” version of Newport after a good deal of foam rolling!  Haven’t worked out since Turkey Day!


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