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-Core Training? More like Circus Training!-

Not trying to knock anyone, but I found this video on YouTube and it made my jaw drop.  Why?  Well, first off, I am not one of those who believe standing on a stability ball is beneficial for anyone.  I believe it’s flat-out ridiculous, if you really wanna know.  I do believe that unstable surface training can be beneficial for people.  There’s just not a lot of research that shows it provides a big benefit.  Also, when you consider most people have a hard enough time balancing on a single leg, it’s quite obvious that to have them stand on a wobbly surface and expect to get a benefit from it is kinda silly.  If someone is wobbling all over the place and unable to control their body, there is simply no reason for them to be doing that type of training!  On the same note, if someone is standing on one leg while performing an upper body movement, and wobbling all over the place, i’m not going to allow them to continue that movement.  Instead, I would decrease the intensity of the exercise and incorporate more stable positioning.  Unstable surface training is one of those “gray areas” in our industry right now.  I believe it’s more important for athletes, most specifically surfers, skateboarders, etc.  For the average client, however, this type of “training” shouldn’t be a big focus, as they will rarely be standing on unstable surfaces in everyday life.  Ground-based balance training is the way I prefer to roll.  I will throw in a few “fun and wobbly” exercises here and there, but only if I feel the client can perform them with good posture and if I feel they will provide a benefit to that workout.  Standing on a ball is “core training?”  First off, there are MUCH better ways of going about training the “core” (as many of you know, I’m really beginning to dislike that word).  How can anyone claim that standing on a ball is “core training” anyway?  In my eyes, it’s total-body balance training, it’s pretty ridiculous.  Standing on a stability ball is first and foremost a bit too risky for most people, and I personally am not one to view “circus acts” as effective exercises…so, we’ll leave ’em for this guy.

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  1. I like the ending of the video…” entertainment purposes only…not intended to be informative or instruction”. You can say that again… 🙂

    November 30, 2008 at 2:28 pm

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