Official Website of Sarah E. Rippel, BS, CPT, FMS

-A BIG “Thank You”-

I just wanted to take a second to extend my thanks to all of you…to my clients, friends, family, and readers!  

To my clients:  Without you guys, I would have nothing.  Seriously!  Y’all keep me on my toes and help me out in ways you don’t even realize.  There is no way i’d be the trainer I am today without having had the opportunity to work with so many different types of people.  Thank you for trusting me with your bodies! 😀

To my readers: Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I have to say.  I know i’m often long-winded and may get off track here and there, but I love to write!  Knowing I have readers out there makes me want to write more and more!

To my friends and family: Thank you for “getting” me.  Thank you for seeing the light that’s inside me and supporting me in my endeavors!  Y’all help me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone, along with my clients.  The support I receive from the awesome people in my life is amazing!

Okay, with that being said…PIG OUT ON SOME TURKEY TOMORROW!

Love you guys!



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