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-Wednesday 11/19/2008 Workout!-

Today I went through the “Pinnacle” workout from the AOS Clinic I DVD.  First off, I did a 5 minute warm-up which was just TGU singles with my 8 kilo.  Did I mention that I LOVE Turkish Get-Ups? 🙂  

Anyhow, after this, I followed along with the DVD.  I set my rest periods to 20 seconds.  The way it worked out was that I went through each round once, resting only after the completion of each round, to make up a “go-through” of the workout.  If this makes sense, I did two go-throughs for a total of 25 minutes (not including warm-up).

  1. Dead Swings and Swings with 12k 
  2. Dead Cleans and Long Cycle Cleans with 12k
  3. Dead C & P and Long Cycle C & P with 12k (yay! first time with 12k!) 
  4. Hi Pull, 1/2 Snatch, and Snatch with 8k
  5. Dead Squat, Long Cycle Squat, and Flip & Catch with 8k
  6. Windmill, Figure 8 to a Hold, and Hand to Hand Sumos with 8k

I am getting stronger!  I must admit that I let my fitness level suffer for a while…thanks to hurricane Gustav and the poison ivy from hell, lol…I really had no choice.  Anyways, there is so much that I love about kettlebell training!  Yet another thing is the fact that I am noticing improvements in my strength, and it’s not really been that much of my focus.  I’ve basically been working on my technique and conditioning, and up until yesterday hadn’t attempted an overhead press with my 12k.  I must admit that I almost grabbed my 8k for the clean and press round, BUT I gave it a shot, and who knew?!!!  There’s definitely a difference between 8k and 12k but I did it, and with good form, and wasn’t struggling!  

I love the feeling of being strong…brings me back to the old days (circa 1995) of my obsession with working out.  I had realized that I HAD to eat at that point (but was still food-obsessed), and was eating on a regular basis (bodybuilding-style).  I was trying to put on muscle (at the time I weighed, oh, 105 at the most?) so as long as I trained hard and ate healthy, I didn’t feel guilty (I know, I know, I was wakko).  Anyhow, I used to LOVE heavy squats and leg press, along with bench/incline bench.  I think what I loved most about heavy squats was the fact that most people just don’t do em.  It’s an exercise that weeds out the wusses.  Do I do heavy squats nowadays?  Heck no.  Have I done em in years?  Heck no, I have no desire nor need to do em anymore.  Back then, though, they served more of a purpose than just adding shape to my thighs…they made me realize I WAS strong and could overcome crap.  

My most favorite memory if heavy squatting was this one day where I asked my good friend Dan (also a trainer at the gym) to spot me.  We’re over in the squat rack, I had on knee wraps, and had 225 lbs on my shoulders (weighing 105).  I had gotten a few reps, and at the bottom of the last one I realized I couldn’t get back up…I also realized Dan wasn’t watching!  The turdhead was checking out some chick across the gym!  I must have made a noise or something because he finally turned around and freaked out and pulled me up!  Pretty funny at the time…those were the days of baggy pants and string tanks…I wore short shorts and deadlifted…glorious! :p


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