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-The Turkish Get-Up-

The Turkish Get-Up (or TGU for short) is an extremely unique total-body movement that works all three planes of human movement.  Some people will say it’s “goofy looking” or whatnot, but until you try it, you really have no idea of this exercise’s benefits.  It’s a very complex movement.  I’ve found it’s very beneficial to break it down into smaller movements before fully tackling it with a few of my clients.  These “breakdown” movements are also great work for the abs!  I’ll let Anthony DiLuglio break it down for you:

I’m sure i’ll be writing about the TGU here and there.  My workout yesterday was basically TGU “singles,” done after some SMR, Active Isolated Stretching, and a 10-minute warm-up.  I used my 12 kilo kettlebell and basically did a rep on one side (up from floor and back down), then a rep on the other, and so on for five minutes.  Doesn’t seem tough?  You try it (after you gain some expertise in performing the movement properly, of course)!  I started to fatigue and towards the end I knew it was almost stopping time!  I was happy to hear the timer go off! 🙂  My body felt strong, my abs felt worked, and my shoulders felt solid.  Also, my heart rate stayed up.  When I was done, I felt a good fatigue, not overworked.  Today i’m not sore, but I can tell that I did something.  This was my first time to do TGU’s with the 12 kilo kettlebell!

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