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-What Mike Leach can Teach All of Us!-

I’m not going to go into a lengthy discussion about the wonders of Coach Leach, for us Red Raiders know how he’s changed the program for the better.  We know his quirky and often nontraditional approach has proven effective.  Heck, we’re #1 right now (okay, okay…so we’re #2…the BCS is screwy, IMO)!!!  I had such a good time at the Tech/OSU game this past weekend and feel I must add that we SMASHED the Cowboys…beat ’em 56-20…that’s THIRTY-SIX points, folks…and TU (ahem, UT) beat OSU by a mere FOUR points.  Who’s really the top team?  Did I meantion we beat Texas?  Alabama who?  LSU barely lost…


More often than not, the underdogs are the ones who rise to the top.  The majority will always pull for the “top dogs” because it’s the hip thing to do.  The underdogs, if hungry enough, will eventually make their mark.  

Texas Tech has more than proven this.

With that being said, I leave you with the Mad Scientist’s simple tips on dating…WRECK ‘EM, TECH!


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