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As the title states, training with me isn’t a quick fix.

Sorry…if that’s what you’re looking for, then find another trainer who will lie to you and take your money.
There are several points I want to make.
The first is that getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s no “secret” in bringing about the results you seek.  Most of us know that it takes some time, BUT many aren’t aware of just how much effort is really necessary.  In this day and age, we’re promised the “quickest solution” everywhere we turn, it seems.  We are basically conditioned to expect overnight results.  I’m not gonna lie, there are many “fitness professionals” (and i’m using the term loosely) out there who will try to sell you, convincing you they have the “secrets” to improved health and elite fitness.  Whatever.  THERE ARE NO SECRETS!
The truth?
Determination is simply your desire to succeed, plain and simple.  Most people have this.
Intensity is what most people lack.  You simply must work hard.  Most people are simply unable to tap into what seems to be a virtual internal goldmine of intensity that each and every one of us possesses!  It’s too easy to do 10 reps and stop, rest way too long, and repeat.  A tactful trainer will keep you on your toes and maximize your productivity during workouts, thus keeping the intensity at the right level.
Know-how is also something most people lack.  This is where it’s almost blatantly obvious that in order to get the results you seek, you must hire an experienced, competent trainer.  A trainer should help you understand the “how’s and why’s” behind the exercises that make up your program.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Knowledge is power!  Trainers are a dime a dozen these days.  Don’t be afraid to interview a few before you hire one!
Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You didn’t get out of shape overnight, therefore, you’re not going to get back in shape overnight.
My second point is that “getting in shape” is really a bad phrase.  I regret using it above, however, it further emphasizes my point here…that OPTIMAL HEALTH IS A LIFESTYLE.  “Getting in shape” tends to perpetuate the mentality that exercise is some sort of “hobby” you start and then get tired of down the road…only to pick back up a year or so later, leading to a cycle of noncomplience and steadily decreasing health.
Kinda like collecting stamps, lol 🙂
My third and final point is that in this high-tech day and age, it’s rather ironic that what works best are the BASICS.  By basics, I mean exercises that do not require crappy fancy-schmancy expensive machines.  I’m talking exercises that require you to MOVE YOUR BODY, not sit in some purple vinyl seat while aimlessly curling your arms watching the 40″ plasma right above you.  I’m talking bodyweight training, kettlebells, superbands, medicine balls…nothing too complicated here!  I am determined to prove that in order to change the way we view exercise, we must get back to the basics.  We must work hard, FEEL our bodies work, and get back in touch with what our high-tech lifestyle has taken from us – for lack of a better term, our “connect.”  We are simply disconnected.  What do I mean?  We must get back in touch with ourselves…we must CONNECT our bodies and our minds!

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