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-okay,screw it! :) –

i’m not going to waste time recapping my past workouts…just starting today.

had an awesome weekend in texas with my friend holly, her mom, and her little sis…we went to good ol’ lubbock to watch our texas tech red raiders kick more ass!  had a blast!

so, back to the grind today!

i decided to start my “ETK workbook” from the beginning this week, considering i got my bright, shiny-new 12 kilo kettlebell yesterday!  i got home around 3:30 from texas…7ish hour drive…and it was waiting for me!

i modified the week 1/day 1 workout by changing the “active rest” segments a bit, and extending the workout time.  was great!

here’s the rundown:

warmup – 10 min, went thru:

  1. wall squats (held arms in “Y” position) x 10
  2. bodybar “halos” (similar to those done w/a kettlebell) 15 lb bar x 10 ea direction (got tiring!)
  3. pumps (up/down dog flow) x 5
  4. cossack squats (stretch for inner thighs and hips) x 5 ea side

i got thru 3 rounds of the warmup.

workout – supposed to do 12 minutes total, but i just decided to do 2 rounds, which ended up taking roughly 21 minutes:

  1. swings x 20
  2. active rest = 30 sec jumping jacks, then 30 sec staggered-stance alternating arm band presses
  3. swings x 20
  4. active rest = 30 sec mountain climbers, then 30 sec alternating arm pulls
  5. swings x 20
  6. active rest = 30 sec pushup to squat thrust, then 30 sec band rotations
  7. swings x 20
  8. active rest = 1 min of planks (alternated hip swivels x 5 ea, then “divebomber” x 5)

GREAT workout!  i’m gonna have to get some gym chalk, though…starting to build up callouses from using kettlebell more…takes me back to my ol’ gymnastics days and “rips” from the bars…oh the joy!  for those in the know, there’s a product called “nuskin” which we used to use to seal up our rips…talk about a sting!

tomorrow i plan on doing week 1/day 2, which is (following warmup) basically turkish get-ups.  should be fun with my new bell!

and for the record…too much driving/riding SUCKS!  my ass was so not happy!  worth it though…we kicked ok state’s tail…56-20!  got tired of cheering and doing the “red raider FIRST DOWN!” gesture! 🙂  i did manage to spend a bit too much at red raider outfitter, though…oh well…

and, hopefully in the near future i’ll have some really exciting, awesome news about my business plans! good things in store! ok, time to shower and head to whole foods!


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