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Another post from last month…

Since i’m smitten with kettlebells, they have become the cornerstone of my workout routines…so many exercises, so many options, and so many benefits! I LOVE the fact that with one piece of metal, you can improve your strength, improve your endurance, get leaner, and do all this with time-efficient workouts! I HATE getting bored with my workouts…I mean, who doesn’t? If you haven’t tried kettlebells, I highly suggest you give ’em a shot…and if you’re completely stumped on how to go about learning all the fancy exercises, well, let me know. I plan on getting certified one day (super-expensive b/c I have to travel to BFE to do so and pay a gazillion dollars for the cert…but HIGHLY worth it, as i’ll gain a heckuva lot more competence in INSTRUCTION)! 

Anyhow…I also want to open a studio one day…and I know what kinda I wanna open…a PUNCH Kettlebell Gym. To do this, not only do I need to be certified, but I must be certified through AOS (Art of Strength), which is Anthony DiLuglio’s system…this means travelling again to go do so, paying for the cert, AND then paying a gazillion more dollars for the franchisee cert (not to mention MORE travel expenses)…

Anyone wanna start up a collection for me? 🙂

iIm serious about getting all this done. Right now is the time b/c there are a handful of affiliates through Punch, and although it seems everyone and their dog has hopped on the kettlebell bandwagon, there are very few CERTIFIED kettlebell instructors.

Okay…so, today’s workout was my own rendition of Anthony’s Art of Strength “PROVIDENCE” workout:


The art of Strength: Providence is a total body workout that has 14 different exercises done in two minute intervals with a minute of rest in between. The workout is as follows:

Round 1: 2-handed swing, one arm swing, hand-to-hand swing
Round 2: Cleans
Round 3: Chest presses
Round 4: Squats/sumo deadlifts
Round 5: One leg deadlift
Round 6: Windmills into an overhead squat
Round 7: clean and press
Round 8: Flip and squat
Round 9: Tactical lunges
Round 10: Triple crush
Round 11: Sling shot into a figure 8 with a static hold
Round 12: Seated press
Round 13: One arm row
Round 14: Pullovers, Russian twists, Sicilian crunch
Round 15: 3 minute snatch test

Here’s my workout:
2 rounds of the 10 min ETK (Enter the Kettlebell) warmup
 (10 wall squats, 10 kettlebell halos ea. direction, 10 pumps)

*all kettlebell exercises done with an 8kilo kettlebell…I have a 12kilo on the way! yay!
1 = 40 sec left hand swing, 40 sec rt hand, 40 sec alt hands (exchange in mid-air)
2 = 1 min jumping jacks
3 = kettlebell cleans 5 ea side for 2 min
4 = 1 min crunches
5 = kettlebell one arm chest press (lay on back) 10 ea arm for 2 min
6 = squat thrusts 1 min
7 = 20 sec squat w/kb in left arm, 20 sec with right arm, 40 sec sumo deadlifts, 40 sec squats with kettlebell behind neck
8 = plank 1 min
9 = single leg deadlift 1 min left, 1 min right
10 = side plank 30 sec ea side
11 = kettlebell windmill/overhead squat combo 1 min left, 1 min rt
12 = crunch feet up 1 min
13 = kettlebell clean and press 1 min ea arm
14 = crunch with left and right reach 1 min
15 = kettlebell swing flip and squat 2 min (KILLER)
16 = plank 1 min
17 = kettlebell tactical lunge (swing it under your front leg when you step into reverse lunge) 2 min (KILLER)
18 = active straight leg hamstring stretch 1 min
19 = kettlebell “triple crush” (basically a curl, overhead press, and overhead triceps extension) 2 min
20 = crunch 1 min
21 = kettlebell figure 8 to a hold (pass between legs and grab behind, then sling it up and stop it with free hand) 2 min
22 = rest 1 min
23 = seated overhead press (legs straddled) 5 reps ea side for 2 min
24 = crunch 1 min
25 = 1arm kettlebell row 5 reps ea for 2 min
26 = pumps 1 min
27 = kettlebell pullovers 40 sec, kettlebell russian twist 40 sec, crunches 40 sec
28 = 15 snatches each arm. (couldn’t do 1 1/2 min of snatches each arm…hell no, not yet!)

Warmup took 6:30

Workout took 43:30

HAPPY CAMPER! GONNA BE SORE! Had a few “wanna hurl” moments but took a breather here and there and that helped…going for 2 min on ANY exercise SUCKS!

But I love it!

I’m also an Art of Strength affiliate, so if you want to order any of the awesome AOS DVD’s or gear (such as kettlebells, Outlaw ropes, and the new adjustable Bulldog and Diva kettlebells), click on the AOS Link towards the top right of this page! I am convinced that AOS is the best in kettlebell instruction, affiliation, and innovation! Check ’em out!

7 responses

  1. AOS Providence is the BEST kettlebell DVD! I did my kettlebell certification through CrossFit, which was good, but I do think the AOS cert would be fantastic. I’m enjoying reading your blog — keep up the great information!

    November 18, 2008 at 11:41 pm

  2. Great post Sarah,

    Kettlebells are the way forwards, so versatile and that’s a great workout listed there.

    Many Thanks

    June 9, 2009 at 6:33 am

    • Hi Matt!
      Amen to that! I can’t think of any other tool (besides one’s own bodyweight) that offers such a well-rounded workout!
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your comments!

      Yours in Health,

      June 9, 2009 at 12:43 pm

  3. John Sullivan

    great job with the providence posting. I am a 64 old and just passed the RKC challange. Kettlebells are the best hands down. Proper training however is mandatory. I recommend any average person to get qualified instruction first. Do z health r phase and enter the Kettlebell warmup from Pavel for at least a month before tackling providence. Of course I am prejudice 🙂 I think RKC is the #1 cert. You have to do it to understand why.
    Thanks again. And Anthony’s routines are super. I am in week 10 of his rights of passage he did a super job with it.

    October 17, 2009 at 6:12 am

    • Hi John!

      Thank you. Congratulations! 🙂
      I want to tackle the cert one day…it’s on my “to do” list! I, too, feel that RKC is the best fit for me. I went through a lot of deliberation and reached a point where it was clear.
      DiLuglio knows his stuff. No one can argue with that! I applaud his “everyone can understand this” approach and method of instruction.
      Keep up the good work!

      October 18, 2009 at 11:36 am

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