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Okay…after this initial entry, i’m going to individually log this past month’s workouts. I just wanted to preface all this by saying i’ve pretty much fallen in love with kettlebells! I actually bought my two kettlebells in May of 2006, and have dabbled with exercises here and there, as well as used them with my clients. I knew the value of kettlebell lifting, and knew I wanted to get into it. I loved the basic movement, the swing – a simple movement that yields awesome benefit. I loved the fact that kettlebell lifting is an entirely different way of training as compared to traditional free weight exercises. I loved the fact that my favorite kettlebell gurus have amazing physiques, balanced and powerful. I had become proficient at the basic lifts (swing, clean, and snatch), yet still had a lot to learn. I hadn’t, however, spent a ton of time following a structured program focused around kettlebell lifting. Well, on October 14, I dowloaded Anthony DiLuglio’s “Art of Strength: Strength in Motion” kettlebell workbook, and my eyes were opened again!

So…i’m going to use this blog to chronicle my kettlebell journey!  Today, November 4, 2008 is the first official day of this blog…but i’m going to log the past workouts by their actual dates…if that’s confusing, then, well… :p


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