Official Website of Sarah E. Rippel, BS, CPT, FMS

-Wednesday 10/15/2008 Workout!-

I ran today…2 laps around City Park golf course.

first lap took 12:30; 2nd lap walked 2 min but finished it in 12:50

25:20…2.58 miles…

and finally figuring out that running is NOT a good thing for my body…every time i run, i am completely obliterated for the rest of the day…i’m like a zombie…physically and mentally exhausted.

and for once, i’m not going to do the “typical” Sarah and keep doing what i’m doing…i’m going to be smart and listen to my body because i’m old enough to know better by this point.  my thyroid has a lot to do with it.  running is simply not good for my body.

end of story.

no more running…

well, unless you count a few sprints here and there as running, lol…

no more “distance” running…and the running i’ve always done has never really exceeded 4 miles…oh well.


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