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-Friday 10/3/2008 Workout and Post-Gustav Misery-

Okay…all the craziness of Gustav threw me for a loop…not only were things chaotic in general, but I was stricken with the world’s most horrible case of poison ivy EVER! I was covered pretty much from head to toe with a nasty rash and even had it on my face. My left eye was almost swollen shut at the onset of the “fun.” In addition to the horrible itch that never seemed to go away, my elbows and knees swelled up like balloons. I couldn’t squat down comfortably because of the edema. It was horrible. How did I get such a bad reaction? Well, me being the good friend that I am was stir-crazy and ready to just DO something after the storm. I mean, I wasn’t working, and no one had power, so what do you do? One of my friends had trees down in her backyard, so I offered to help. The first day of doing this, we hauled a bunch of limbs and crap to the street. It felt so good to just WORK. The next day was the day of the limb saw. I couldn’t wait to go to town on this fallen tree next to her house. I spent who knows how many hours around and up in the damn thing…sawing limbs, tossin’ em, and sweatin’ my ass off. Little did I know that I was all up in the friggin’ poison ivy. The tree was obviously covered in it, and I was clueless. Initially, I started prednisone…and 2 days later was so miserable one of my clients basically made me go see her husband, who’s a doctor. I got a shot and my blood pressure dropped to a scary low level, which worried him. I almost blacked out. No idea what caused that, but he was thinking it might have been a reaction to the prednisone. He made me wait in the office for a half hour after the shot, and then realized I was fine and he prescribed me an ointment and also Sarna lotion, which rocks. I wasn’t staying at home during all of this because I was without power, thanks to the hurricane. I was actually staying a few nights at my client’s house, which they were selling, so they weren’t staying there. I stayed in the AC (they had a big generator) covered in lotion/ointment and trying to move as little as possible. After this, I was still really bad, so I got a second shot and started a dose pack of prednisone. I had been mega-dosing benadryl and my skin was so dry and itchy, I felt like I was losing my mind! This second shot helped, but the edema didn’t go away. I went back a week later for a third shot, and he did bloodwork to try to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. This third shot pretty much knocked the crap out. The bloodwork came back showing that I had elevated white blood cells, and he wanted me to come back a week later for another test, but I didn’t. I think by that point, I was so over feeling like absolute crap that I just wanted to move on. It felt sooooo good just to be able to function as a “normal” human being again! I spent a month being miserable!

Okay, with this being said, it was time to get back to my workouts after this ordeal!

I had been going for roughly two runs in addition to two total-body workouts a week. My first workout after all this was a short run. I ran around the “small” LSU lake (and surrounding neighborhood). Basically, the loop that’s made from the route. That’s what I did…not even 18 minutes and it kicked my ass! I think it was 1.65 miles or so…yeah…nothing…but it whooped me! It felt SO good, though!


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